Connect Groups

Connect Groups

Connect Groups are designed to help you build on your relationship with God, learning who God is and how he wants you to live.

In your Connect Groups you will get to understand the Bible, pray together and keep one another accountable.

My hope is that you will see Connect Groups as your chance to explore your faith and learn to place God at the centre of your life.

WHEN: Connect Groups meet every week on a Tuesday evening.

WHERE: At LHFC (Unless specified elsewhere)

TIME: From 6.10-7.30


 The groups are gender specific, so although we all come together as guys and girls to attend CG when it gets to discussing issues in groups the groups are gender specific and are run by either male leaders or female leaders depending on if it’s a girls group or a guy’s group. We also have a younger and older age category, this means what might not be appropriate for young teenage girls or guys to discuss might be appropriate for the older youth to discuss so we intentionally split them up.

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