Building FAQ

Why do we need a bigger building?

Each week we presently welcome nearly 800 people through our doors. Our Sunday congregation and official church membership far exceeds our seating capacity and we regularly face the challenge of not having enough room. Our building is full. However, God continues to call us to “go and make disciples”, so in order to respond to God we need to create more space.

How will we raise this amount of money?

Through personal gifts from the church family, the sale of a church property, fund raising activities, applying for any appropriate grants and seeking to raise a mortgage. However, it is important to realise that God gives the task primarily to His people, the church – you and me.

Will we be able to afford future mortgage payments and the new building’s running costs?

Ideally we would love to avoid having to borrow any money to build - making this question easier to answer! However, financial plans based on projected building usage, congregation size and current levels of contributions towards the Building Fund, are being used to ensure a realistic and manageable level of borrowing is proposed. [All mortgage decisions will be subject to approval by the Church Members Meeting.]

When will we start building?

As soon as we have raised sufficient money we can begin. However, planning permission only lasts for 3 years – so we have to start building by June 2017 or face having to re-apply for planning permission.

Can we change the plans?

Planning permission is quite specific as to the size, shape and use of the building. To change or amend any of these elements would require us to work through the entire planning permission process again. Internally there is flexibility around fixtures and fittings and non-structural walls.

Will it cost more than £4.2million?

This amount was based on the plans agreed in 2012. Over time construction costs vary, inflation impacts prices and during every project unforeseen challenges are encountered. These variables can be somewhat controlled by using fixed cost contracts and including contingency amounts into budgets. However, we cannot guarantee that this will be the final cost. As the project progresses, close monitoring will ensure any rise will be controlled and the church family will be informed at every stage.

Is the “Build” project dependant on money or prayer?

Both. If we only do one and ignore the other, the “Build” project will not happen.

How will my little help? [I don’t think my gift will make a difference.]

It is easy to think that there are loads of other people who will give large amounts of time and money in comparison to the amount that you can give. But every wall is made up of individual bricks and every brick makes a difference – remember lots of individual bricks add up! There is also the faith dimension to remember. In Luke 21:1-4, we hear Jesus commending a widow for giving just a small offering – all she had – God looks at our heart. God also promises that when we bring our full offering to Him He will open the floodgates of Heaven [Malachi 3:10].

What is the difference between giving to the Building Fund and giving to the General Fund?

There are two separate church funds; one is specifically for the new building, the other for the day to day running costs of the church. The Church Treasurer has to direct your giving where you specify – it is your decision. Please note - if folks decide to divert their giving from the General Fund to the Building Fund, it will quickly impact what we are able to do as a church in the here and now.

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